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My name is Jeanie V. O’Donnell, and I have two states: either I go somewhere, or I am going to go somewhere.

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My photo

When in 2010, when I moved to the state, I decided to record my impressions every day, I had no idea how long and interestingly I set foot. “To travel and be silent about it is unnatural,” said Peter Weil in one of his books. And in 2010, and now this phrase is my motto.

I have been living in Wayne for a long time, but it was the desire to tell about what I see around me that appeared during my life in the states, which led me to create a blog in a familiar version. Notes about America and Americans that I shared with blog readers at the time turned into a series of publications for streetkidsofrwanda.org

Since 2014 blogging is my main occupation. Lifestyle, in which a huge place is given to travel, has become a job, the best in the world.

Once, when I went to the sea once a year on a voucher, I considered it inadmissible to return to the places where I once was. It seemed to me an unacceptable waste: the trips happened rarely, there were many blank spots on the map, the very possibility of marking them with a number indicating the number of countries seemed terribly attractive and prestigious to me.